Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chopsticks - how to use them

Do you love Asian food? Do you have hard time to use chopsticks when you try to pick up one piece of sushi or a piece of orange beef? Chopsticks (筷子, kuai zi, in Chinese) are the main eating utensil in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and other Asian countries and areas. Generally believed, chopsticks originated in ancient China as early as Shang dynasty (1766-1122 BCE). The earliest evidence of a pair of chopsticks was excavated from the Ruin of Yin near Anyang area in China, dated roughly 1200 BCE.

Chopsticks are most usually made of bamboo, wood or plastic, but also made of metal, bone and ivory. And there are also chopstick rests, tableware, which are used to keep chopstick tips off the table in Asian cuisine.

Here is a video to show you how to put those chopsticks to action. Please remember to bring your chopsticks and your patience, try hard and have fun, fun, fun!


  1. Where can I purchase fine lacquered chopsticks in Asheville, NC?

    1. Hi, Mary.
      Unfortunately, I don't think you can find some really nice lacquered chopsticks in Asheville. The chopsticks I use now are all from China. Maybe you can try to find some nice ones online.