Sunday, May 27, 2012

Champa Sushi & Thai Fine Dining in Hendersonville NC

I had a mini vacation in Hendersonville NC last week. The experience was great, and I had an awesome dinner  at Champa Sushi & Thai Fine Dining. As a big sushi and sashimi fan, I was totally satisfied with the food from Champa.

I had the Seaweed Salad first. The taste was so great, combined with sesame oil, vinegar, some red pepper. It really opened my appetite for the dinner.

Second course was Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura. The taste was different and nice. After tasting the crispiness from outside, you taste the freshness of the food inside.

For dinner, I had eel, white tuna and smoked salmon Sashimi, and also Blue Ridge Sushi Roll. Champa Sushi & Thai Fine Dining Hendersonville did a great presentation. As soon as the plate was presented on the table, I told myself "I want to eat all of it now!"

I really enjoyed my dinner at Champa Sushi in Hendersonville. The food and service was great. I will definitely come back there again soon!

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