Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Asian community supports QR code in Asheville - ConnectMe QR

A new company has launched in the Asheville community called Connect Me QR. The platform and app they have released is amazing. The Asian community in Asheville is definitely behind the QR code.

The other day, I saw a picture (photo above) of a train ticket from a friend of mine in China. There is a QR code on the ticket, and my friend told me that the QR code has all the information about the ticket, including the destination, the departure and arrival time, the number of the train, etc.

The QR code was first invented by the Japanese in 1994. Then it became extremely popular in Japan and South Korea. Quick response and high speed are two properties of QR code. It is a new tool that you can use to store all the information, like text, URL, videos, pictures or other data. And it is easy to use also, using camera phones and code readers to scan the code, thats it.

Therefore, QR code would be helpful for all the Asian businesses in Asheville, and western North Carolina area.

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